Boundaries in Polyamory: What Other People Can Learn

by | May 19, 2023 | All about Love

Whether or not you’re in a polyamorous, drawing the line of what’s okay is the key to a relationship.

Every relationship is different. The acknowledgement of boundaries is essential in any sort of relationships, but especially romantic or sexual ones.

Knowing where everyone stands in relationships might sound simple. But without establishing boundaries, it can wreak havoc on your mental wellbeing, not to mention the relationship in question.

A lack of boundaries can end up causing fear, lack of trust and emotional turmoil for those within the relationship.

Partners are able to feel more valid and secure when these limits are in place.

Setting boundaries also helps us to have healthy independence, trust and self respect. If done properly, setting boundaries can help to avoid the relationship becoming too reliant upon one another to an unhealthy degree for emotional fulfilment.

Queer sex educator, Tara Michaela

What can monogamous people learn about boundaries?

Queer sex educator and founder of YouthSexExpertProgram, Tara Jones, who has experienced in polyamorous relationships herself, explained that there can be a lot to learn about boundaries from this community.

Also the founder of the YouthSexExpertProgram, she claimed that, β€œThey have blunt honest conversations about what boundaries you have and what cheating means to you.”

Conversations are the key to bringing all parties peace in what would be regarded as cheating.

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Tara breaks down how to set boundaries.

β€œIf you never have that discussion, somebody could have unknowingly crossed somebody else’s boundaries and that could be the end of your relationship or that could be a huge conflict. And so, if we have these conversations at the beginning of our relationships, we can avoid so much potential hurt.

β€œI also think it is something we need to move over to monogamy because people need to learn how to be decent partners and how to be in relationships and how to communicate. A lot of what the polyamory education pieces around is both communication and jealousy, which again are issues that come up with monogamous relationships as well.”

Tara Jones

β€œIt’s definitely not something that comes easily in relationships. I will say that has been a viewpoint of mine for a long time. And I’ve tried to incorporate that into my monogamous relationships,” Tara added.

β€œOnce we get ourselves and have the conversations that they’ve been having, a polyamorous circles for years and decades, that we’re going to have better relationships, period,” Tara concluded.

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