My Stalker Experience

by | May 19, 2023 | Out of the Closet

If you have TikTok, you’ve either seen those love spell videos, or you’re lying.

You know, the ones that promise you if you use the sound, your crush will show up at your door at 3 am and profess their undying love, become obsessed with you, and whatnot. Now, I’m not going to debunk them or anything, but I will always be the first one to scroll past them. Obsession may sound cute enough from the side, but as someone who got stalked through the last year of high school, I’m not taking any chances. This is how I got a stalker.

Setting the scene – I am 17, perpetually pissed off at life, as most hormone-stricken teenagers are. I had never been in a relationship, or even perceived myself as desirable since I never cared for a social circle wider than my two best friends. Which is why one day, as I was getting back home, I was surprised to see a text from a guy I had never spoken to, asking if he had left a Russian book in the room I last had class in…

I had seen the guy before in the hallway and could recognize him. My friends, obsessed with gay werewolf fanfiction at the time, had nicknamed him “The Omega” after the scrawny, short, shy guys in their novels. And he looked the part too – he was skinny, wore glasses and those shirts nerds seemed to love at the time. 

However, I couldn’t figure out why he texted me – he knew people in my class and we had never spoken before. I quickly brushed him off with a no and killed off all of his attempts at further conversation in their tracks. Eventually, he gave up. Or so I thought.

He would stare me down whenever he saw me, try and message me nearly daily, would end up “randomly” bumping into me…Small things like my water bottles started disappearing whenever he’d have class in my room. Time passed and one of my friends told me she saw him staring at me through a window for a good minute, and later that day I received a text about how “huggable” I looked.

Sometime after, he started riding the same bus as me, even though we lived quite far apart and apparently always got off at the stop after mine. It reached a point where I felt watched, all day, every day and extremely paranoid. Eventually, he somehow did a half-assed confession saying that his “friend” had a crush on me but was afraid to tell me…

I said I was asexual and blocked him everywhere.

Later Covid hit and I moved half the world away, so he lost my tracks, and hopefully his interest somewhere along the way. It was my first ever “romantic” interaction (and a fitting one to set the scene for my disaster of a love life). However, I hope it makes you think twice the next time you see these videos – you really don’t want someone to be obsessed with you!

Edited by Elena Baeza Ruso

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