VR dating: Could it be for you?

by | May 19, 2023 | All about Love

Are you getting sick of repetitive dating apps? It doesn’t matter what your desired result might be — whether it’s casual dating, finding your Mr. or Mrs. Right, or just hoping to find someone to talk to, Virtual reality (VR) will probably help you get what you want more easily.

VR is essentially accessed using a specialised VR headset, that allows users to enter a simulated, yet truly realistic universe. Virtual worlds, known as metaverses, enable users to create custom avatars and bond with new players or friends – from virtual exotic destinations to famous landmarks all around the globe. It has evolved in leaps and bounds, not only bridging the gap and solving the woes of long distance couples, but also changing the modern dating landscape.

So, all my dear Floozies, here are some reasons why VR could be your future of online dating:

You could meet new people and express affection physically

Believe it or not, there’s a bunch of Chinese university students that invented a kissing device — a 3D silicon device with a mouth-shaped module that mimics the pressure and even the temperature of the kisser, and transmits this to the receiver’s device using sensors that are connected to phones and an app via Bluetooth. 

According to CNN, two complete strangers could exchange their kisses anonymously in the ‘kissing square’ on the app by ‘uploading’ their kisses on the app for others to download and experience. This shows that the new lengths of technology enable users to meet someone new with a new medium that you might just want to try out.

Say goodbye to dating anxiety

People, or actually, avatars, exist in this digital world that takes you away from real life, which could be your fantasised dreamland. It takes away the stress of meeting new people face-to-face and the dating anxiety that comes along with it.

New ways of matching and dating

Thanks to the emerging VR technology, there are endless possibilities of VR dating, ranging from immersive dating to DNA matching. It’s now a lot easier to meet the best potential partners with the highest compatibility in different spectrums, such as hobbies, personal beliefs and backgrounds, and get to know them. 

Researchers such as Professor Adrian David Cheok and his team invented Kissenger (the OG kissing device that is very similar to the one mentioned above), hugging devices that would allow people from different locations in the world to hug each other. He told Floozy that they are now on the way to make devices that offer life-changing, multi-sensory experiences, such as being able to smell your date’s perfume. He believes that people using VR for a lot of purposes would be the norm. 

More activities with VR

Online dating is undoubtedly the new norm for many in this day and age, however it has its limitations — you can’t really do another activity simultaneously with one another except for texting or calling. On the other hand, there’s countless activities you could go for, depending on your mood. One day, you could be playing mini golf, and the other, you could be chilling on the beach with your date and casually ‘sipping’ some champagne. Not only can you create custom avatars, developers such as Meta’s tools made creating custom everything surprisingly easy, including building your own house in the VR world.

In a nutshell, VR dating is expanding the boundaries of online dating, remodelling the dating practices and possibly the future of love. Soon enough, going on virtual dates would no longer be a last resort for falling in love, but might be the mainstream. Will it change your dating game? Give it a go!

Edited by Yoan Shterev

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