Buying Plan B Shouldn’t Be Embarrassing

by | May 22, 2023 | Floozy's Safer Sex Guide, Taking Care of You

Pitbull once said, ‘I’ve been there, done that’. But this doesn’t mean that the experience of actually buying the morning after pill isn’t embarrassing each time.

And how could it not?

When you walk into the drugstore, hungover on a rainy day after full night of ‘events’.

There you are in the pharmacy section with a queue of people behind you who will most likely hear you asking for plan B, the “emergency contraception” also known as the “morning after pill”.

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You might as well have a big sign on you saying “I HAD SEX WITHOUT PROTECTION.”

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Even if you try to whisper it, the pharmacist will most likely let everyone know that you need a plan B.

Don’t get me started on the looks of disapproval or disgust from other people.

My experience buying plan B

I had to buy a plan B once, and I’ll tell you this, it was one of my most terrifying experiences, and not because I had to get one, but because of the treatment I received.

I was taken into a separate room where I was asked the routine questions, when the atmosphere become very rigid.

I felt very judged by the male doctor who was consulting me.

When asked what was the time when I had sex, I giggled, because it was more than once, and I’ve definitely not checked my apple watch to check the time.

Little did I know I would be responded back with judgement.

‘Wear a condom next time’ he said.

‘What would your parents think of this?’ he continues.

My smile faded away instantly and was replaced with disgust instead.

Never have I thought that I will be spoken in such way by a medical expert who is supposed to help me.

And for what, just because I was just trying to avoid a pregnancy?

Accidents happen, condoms break and sometimes you don’t have a spare one or you just forget about it.

We are in a generation where when someone gets pregnant instead of congratulating them, you are reassuring them that you’ll get rid of it together the next day.

Of course, if it’s planned then you’ll probably play it cool and just say that it was a joke.

Little do they know you weren’t really joking.

Either way, we are in 2023, buying a plan B is like buying yourself roses, so treat yourself queen.

The stigma and shame surrounding it shouldn’t even exist, you should be able to go to the pharmacy and ask for one without the fear that you will get judged or looked up and down.

It’s your body which means it’s your choice.

Do you want a kid and to name him Kevin? You go girl, invite me to the baby shower.

Do you want to get rid of it and drink a bottle of Pimms with no worries instead?

Do whatever is best best for you, queen, you don’t owe anything to anybody.

As for all the Karens and men who might give you those looks, they probably wished that they had that choice.

But oh well, you live, and you learn.

So go wild, have sex as much as you want (safely) and if accidents do happen just remember that you are not alone in this.

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