Hickey Horror Story: I Went On a Date With a Hickey From His Best Friend

by | May 22, 2023 | Out of the Closet

Let this post be a reminder that sometimes in a situationship, you can be just as much of an arsehole.

This is the story of my first ever date – the time that I went on a date wearing a hickey done by his best friend the night before. Not my finest hour.

Also just a warning, I have no redemption arch in this story. I truly am just a bit of a bitch.

However, I was very new to all of this back then. I didn’t date anyone in school, never had a relationship. It was just me and the books. All I wanted to do was get my A levels and get out of there. I rarely went to any parties, barely drank and kept to myself in pure survival mode.

So going to Uni was a bit of a culture shock to say the least. 

How We Met

It was the third night of Fresher’s week when I met this guy (we’ll call him Harry). Now, Harry was visiting from nearby and doesn’t actually go to Uni of Sheffield.

He came to our party because he was mates with Scott, my flat mate.

Harry definitely was very interested in me and trying it on big time. My naïve little self thought that he was just being friendly at first but then quickly caught on.

I wasn’t particularly enamoured with him, but I enjoyed the attention so let him carry on until I wanted to call it a night.

“Can I get a hug?” he asked and so I gave him a quick hug goodbye.

“Can I get a kiss?” 

I just giggled awkwardly and then left. The truth is, I hadn’t really kissed all that much before this and I wasn’t confident at all with any of it.

He messaged me the next day asking to go out on a date. I said yes.

New chapter in my life, so we should try things out.

The date ended up being arranged for about two weeks later because some things got in the way. 

I ended up telling Scott about my date and I was sceptical of both of them because, to be honest, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Scott so would I really not like his friend either?

Turns out that wouldn’t be the real issue.

The Hickey

It was about four days before my date with Harry that I first got with Scott. Very unexpected, very out of the blue.

What I didn’t know was that this would lead to a year long flatcestual situationship which will be getting it’s own dedicated post, don’t you worry.

We’re not going to be concerned about that for now. But what we should worry about is poor little inexperienced me who was incredibly confused by what my involvement with Scott meant. And on top of that I was still going on a date with his friend within days.

We ended up kissing and sneaking around over the next few days.

I was incredibly confused and felt like I had no one to even tell because I had only known everybody a couple of weeks and thought that flatcest was a massive no-no.

On Friday, the day before my date with Harry, I ended up getting fairly tipsy and got with Scott again.

And so came the hickey.

A hickey is never a great look, but when you’ve never had one before and you don’t realise that dabbing it with just a bit of concealer to hide it doesn’t really do the trick.

I wasn’t exactly looking forward to a date Harry by this point – I was hungover, mentally drained, stressed and still felt like I was lying to everyone around me about what had been going on that week.

The Date

I met up with Harry in town and went to Bella Italia (a joke which Scott and all of his friends will continuously make after they find out about this fact.)

“What’s all this?” he says, gesturing towards his neck as we walked to the restaurant.

Oh Christ.

He’s seen the hickey.

I say nothing and just stare at the ground in front of me.

“I thought you weren’t like that.”

Yeah, except with your best mate.

I don’t say this, of course.

It was a joke and the conversation moved swiftly onwards, thank God.

The date itself was mediocre. He seemed nice enough but we definitely was not on the same wavelength and he kept on bringing up Scott which only made me feel a little guilty.

Even though it only ever was a casual thing with Scott, there was something very icky about doing this.

I agreed to maybe meet up again, he messaged me and I never replied. The end.

So yeah, not fantastic behaviour on my part.

And it lead to many awkward encounters when he visited the flat for the rest of the year.

The funny thing is, I don’t think that Harry found out about me and Scott for a while. That is until the weeks before fresher’s this year, which is a story for another time.

Edited By Ramona Gabriela Toderascu and Imogen Bowlt

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