The Floozy Guide to Netflix and Chill

by | May 23, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

Netflix and Chill – You Come Over and I Take The Pill

‘Hey, wanna come over for some Netflix and Chill?’ says sneaky link no.3.

Ah, the infamous invitation that has become the secret code for a whole different kind of entertainment. We all know it, we’ve heard it whispered in our ears or seen it pop up in those late-night text messages whether from a sneaky link or a lover.

What is Netflix and Chill?

Well, it’s definitely not going over to watch Titanic that’s for sure. It’s about diving into each other’s arms and exploring the depths of pleasure.

Part of the Millennial and Gen Z lexicon, the phrase is well known for its sexual connotations, used for booty calls and setting up dates.

I mean let’s be honest, when that invite comes your way, you don’t start searching for Netflix’s top 10 films, but rather start looking for your sexiest set of lingerie and prepare yourself for a different kind of screen time. Forget about the latest releases on Netflix, it’s all about the thrilling releases happening behind the closed doors.

From selecting the perfect show to set the mood to creating a cozy ambiance that screams intimacy, I’m here to guide you through the unspoken rituals of this modern dating phenomenon. Get ready to dim the lights, turn up the heat, and explore the steamy part of Netflix and Chill.

FYI, the remote might not be the only thing you’ll be grabbing during this viewing experience.

What to watch?

I’ve asked the other Floozies what their go to films and TV shows for setting the mood are, and this is what they said:



The Office

Bee Movie


New Girl

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Now, to my all Netflix and Chill newbies out there, I know what you are thinking. How could these films set the mood for some sexy time? Especially Shrek!

Well, let me be real with you; when it comes to setting the mood, forget about cliche roses and sappy love songs. That’s just what the movies want you to believe, when in reality it’s a whole different situation.

You want to feel at ease, and trust me when you are in that zone, things take a turn naturally.

So, choose something funny and chill to watch, something that doesn’t require much attention since you won’t have much time for that anyways, if you know what I mean.

How to set the mood?

The big night has finally arrived, they are on their way for a steamy session of ‘Netflix and Chill’.

Now, before you dive into action, let’s talk about essentials. Buy anything that can be eaten using your hands or placed directly in your mouth, but not anything spicy. That might end bad.

We all know that finishing the film might not be your top priority, but you finishing up certainly is. And we are praying that you will. If not, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with our ultimate guide to mind-blowing vibrators. You can even use them together if you’re feeling spicy.

Now, when it comes to setting the mood, it’s all about creating a comfy and relaxed atmosphere. So leave the scented candles on the shelf, unless you are into wax play. Remember the goal is to have a good time, share some laughs and indulge in pleasure. So, dim the lights, plump up those pillows, you might use them later for some better angles (for watching the film of course…)

Embrace your desires with confidence and indulge in the realms of pleasure. When it comes to the land of ‘Netflix and Chill’, you are the director of your own pleasure. So let go of inhibitions and just have fun.

Enjoy your watch loves.

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Edited by Caitlin Hart

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