Shagtopia: An Insight Into the Casual Sex Culture

by | May 24, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

Shagging your neighbour? Housemate? Best mate’s ex?

From a one time shag to besties, shagging culture is a hilarious maze to navigate, especially in uni. You will be at the pub, drinking your pint of Morreti when you see two people who you are 100% sure they shagged, act like nothing happened.

Well, let me introduce you to casual sex in uni a.k.a. the shagging culture.

I’m from Eastern Europe, so I’ve already had my culture shock when I moved here at 11 years old. But what shocked me even more was coming to uni and hearing and seeing (I’ve had to bleach my eyes a couple of times ngl), how people just get with each other then act like nothing happened.

‘Yeah, we’ve shagged, now we are just mates’ they would say.

Now, I was no stranger to sex when I came to uni, been there, done that. But what I witnessed in uni was far from what I was used to back home that’s for sure.

From leaving a cramped motive to go back to their place, or the nearest dim lighted place really, to late night adventures fuelled by the cheap vodka bought from your nearest Morrison’s, Uni life it’s like a parallel universe where you can literally do anything you want with no one giving you the side eye, even if that means shagging your neighbour or housemate.

A banana

What is Shagging Culture?

Shagging culture, or the infamous hook-up culture as some might know it, is a culture that involves and encourages casual sex, including one night standers or uncommitted short term flings where two people, or more, you do you (wink) engage in casual, no strings attached fun without the burden and pressure of a long term relationship.

It’s like an all you can buffet. You pick what you want to eat, if you know what I mean (no cannibalism here, tho!).

From playing twister with your sneaky link (wink), to scheduling a steamy ‘Netflix and Chill’ session, shagging culture is all about mastering the art of balancing lust and discretion, while avoiding the dreaded walk of shame the next morning. Especially if they live down the corridor, or two houses down the road. Read our article about Netflix and Chill on our website.

Personally, I know some true pros in this field. I’ve witnessed housemates who shagged the same person and still manage to hang out with them like nothing happened. Let’s not forget about the people who’ve been in a relationship and broken up, and now one of them is with one of their friends. You know what they say, if you can’t get with them, why not get with their friends? It’s like a game of musical chairs!

So, there you have it Floozies, a glimpse into the captivating world of shagging culture. Because let’s face it, most of us been there, done that and there’s no shame in it. Whether you have a sneaky link or enjoying a casual fling, enjoy the thrill and pleasure that comes with it, but also the laughter and awkward moments.

Just remember to keep it consensual and safe. As a big believer in pull and pray, I hope that you’ll be careful, and if your partner happens to lack the same skill, keep your contraception game strong just in case.

Edited by Mmesoma Mougilim and Ramona Gabriela Toderascu

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