“Having big boobs was a curse”: The Journey to Self Acceptance and Body Confidence (T/W)

by | May 25, 2023 | Taking Care of You

Trigger warning: This content contains topics surrounding sexual assault and harassment.

People often see big boobs as a good thing. But sometimes it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. Here is how having larger boobs can attract unwanted attention and affect your body confidence.

It’s time to give visibility and share the reality of us girls who grew up with big boobs. It was a nightmare.

I have been sexualized ever since the second I hit puberty.

I wasn’t even in my teens when my boobs developed, the girls in my class always joked about how they wished they could have my breasts.

They would always make the same joke, “It’s so unfair, you got them all! You should share some with me”.

Oh, girl, believe me, if I could, I would.

Do you know what it’s like to be walking down the street and having grown-ass men shouting things at you, dribbling over your boobs?

Most of the time, they don’t even have to say a word. And it’s disgusting.

I was once walking to meet my friends and this group of thirty-something-year-old men said to me: “Girl, give me a ‘cuban’!”

At that point, I had heard all sorts of things coming from men on the street, but I still hadn’t heard that one.

 When I joined my friends, I asked: “Does anyone know what giving a ‘cuban’ means?” And all my male friends burst out laughing.

“It’s like giving a hand job but with your boobs!!!”, one of them explained.

Apparently, it’s the Spanish version of ‘Tit Wank’.

Did I mention I was 13 at the time?

Saying that it left me traumatised is an understatement.

So yeah, girl with small boobs, believe me when I tell you, I would share them with you if I could.

Natalia’s Story

Natalia Sempere, 21, shared her story with Floozy about her hitting puberty and being sexualized since she was only a child.

“I remember at first, they were growing slowly but then the moment I got my period, I think less than a year after that, my boobs just grew, and I have had the same boob size since. I was 12 years old, and ever since then, I have been living a nightmare with my boobs.

“To begin with, it was impossible to find a bra that wasn’t too big for my back or too small for my boobs. And don’t get me started on clothes, they simply aren’t made for people with bigger breasts.

“During my first years of high school, everyone would call me ‘Boobs’. That was my nickname: ‘boobs’. I was incredibly sexualised. Boys would always try to touch my breast and always made jokes about them.

“Apart from all the trauma that causes having your boobs grow so fast and having them so big from a very young age, you get lots of stretch marks, back pain and it is simply uncomfortable to get dressed. And it’s not just about physical appearance, but the discomfort of everyone staring at your boobs all the time and trying to touch them, which was straight-up sexual assault… It was just horrible.

“That is why I’ve always seen having big boobs as a curse.”

Overcoming the struggle

Now, Natalia is 21 years old and is more confident with her body, but she recalls being 14 years old and all she wanted to do was to get a breast reduction.

“I just wanted to get rid of them, to change their appearance. I was so ashamed of them I couldn’t even show them to my partners.”

She said that thankfully that has changed now, and as she gets older, she has learned to accept and love her body.

 But the past is past, and nothing will change it from being a literal curse during her teenage years.

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