Ranking Natural Hair Styles’ Durability during Sex

by | May 25, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

As a black girl my hair has and always will be important to me.

My hair is a way I express myself, a burden at times and a source of pride.

However sometimes I want to become a Malteser when it comes to styling, especially when it comes to doing things like exercising and having sex.

Most porn and romance novels have a line alluding to “running his hands through her hair” or hair play that caters to silkier or straighter textures. Hairpulling is also a no go area, wig or not.

I have ranked natural hairstyles by how well they hold up during the rough and tumble for curious black femmes and their partners to know how wild they can get in bed.

Silk Press

Unless you make it quick, can do a silk press or pay for a new one, this is a no. Silk presses don’t mix well with sweat and heat and will cause the hair to become curly again. 0/5


This depends on your length and how its styled. Teeny weeny Afros (TWA) or shorter hair generally holds up fine even if you are just bottoming the whole time. With longer hair, it’s not as easy.

More hair means more ways to mess it up, so its a no for me. 2/5


This is a very versatile hairstyle, is pretty easy to do and holds up well, besides the frizz. Arrange the twists post coitus and move on with your life. Up in a bun or free and swinging, a star. 5/5

Beaded Braids

I LOVE beads. The various sizes, shapes, colours and combos allow for a plethora of new and interesting styles. I also adore it being embraced by older girls and women because it was believed to be a style for kids for a while. They hurt like hell with shorter hair when laying down but are otherwise fine and dandy. 3/5

Space Buns

Another style for people who are kids are heart. Its cute and quirky and I love adding accessories. As a strong hairstyle for getting down? I’m not a fan. If you use gel to hold it in place it’ll melt with sweat or just get messed up in the back. Too many factors to consider. 2.5/5


Another star! Cornrows are a great style alone but also are a perfect base for wigs, crochet and weaves. They are strong foundation and do not move. Perfect for riding, getting hot and heavy or anything else! You’ll be fine. 6/5

At the end of the day, almost every style is going to mess up your hair, in the sheets, or in the shower or on the bedroom floor….. Either way the most important thing is to have fun and feel good while doing it, your hair getting a little messed up isn’t something to be embarrassed by. Hopefully this guide helped you to steer clear of certain styles and embrace others more openly. As long as everyone is consenting and happy that’s all that really matters.

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Edited by Caitlin Hart

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