The Notes App: a Chronicle of Your Dating Life

by | May 25, 2023 | Out of the Closet

A peak in the digital diary of the 2020’s

In the age of Instagram and Twitter, it can be hard to keep things to yourself – especially when you can get that sweet digital validation when the story likes start pouring. However, while we love to flash our success (or just our really good hair days) on social media, when it comes to the trauma, failures and disappointments another app is keeping tabs on you – the notes app. And I’m talking about stuff you wouldn’t even go to your friends for.

What once used to be a convenient tool for jolting down shopping lists and appointment dates has become the window to most Gen Z-ers’ souls. Looking through notes of bad poetry, texts you drafted but could never send, or just journals of your day-to-day life, you can pretty much piece someone’s mind together. For some of us, the notes app has obtained the intimacy of a diary, with none of the pressure of actually keeping one. It’s meant to be messy and raw – that’s kind of its charm!

Any crush, however, can quickly transform the unassuming app into an intense chronicle of emotions. We asked Floozies to send in some of their favourite notes, on sex, relationships, love, and all in between. Here’s what we got:

Some stares just deserve a detailed psychoanalysis y’know
Someone pay for their therapist
Notes to yourself in the morning after a drunk epiphany >>>
We love an unsent message!
Get it Shakespeare!
Lyrical genius, honestly
Don’t even know what to say about this, but I felt it

It’s a good thing as well. It teaches us to be open and vulnerable, even if just in the company of ourselves and our phones.

Notes can help you reflect on yourself and see how your perception of others has changed over time, commemorate your small dating victories, or make for some cringe, but funny screenshots. So next time you feel down, embrace your inner Sylvia Plath and get writing!

That said, if I ever die, please delete my notes app xx

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