The Ultimate Guide to Navigating a Breakup

by | May 25, 2023 | All about Love

We’re here to actually get you through a breakup.

You feel hopeless, heartbroken and feel like your life will never be the same again. We get it, we’ve been there. And we definitely know how shitty it is. No matter how much your friends tell you that you’ll get over it and feel better again soon, it just feels impossible to believe. Which is why we’ve crafted the ultimate guide to a breakup. We’re not here to be overly optimistic and tell you life is going to be great again. We’re here to actually get you through it.

Let Yourself Feel The Feelings

Step one is letting yourself be sad. It’s easy to do everything in your power to try and make yourself feel better as fast as you can. Whether it’s keeping yourself busy, talking to other people or heading to the club five nights a week, it definitely feels easier to stay distracted. But while doing this might feel easier to begin with, those feelings will always catch up with you. It could be a month, six months or even a year later, but as soon as you aren’t keeping yourself distracted, those feelings will creep in. And bottling up feelings can be so bad for your health, so let yourself feel all the emotions. Put your breakup playlist on and be upset, be angry at them, cry, scream, whatever it is you need. It surely feels crap now, but in the long run you will be so glad you were able process everything fully.

Illustrated by Audrey Chow

Remove Them From Social Media

We know you’re creeping on them, and we don’t blame you. Checking their Snapmaps, refreshing their Instagram, obsessing over the shadow of another person in the background of their story. It’s all easily done, but checking in now and then can lead to complete obsession very quickly. So remove the temptation and take them away from your social media. This doesn’t have to be anything drastic – if you ended on good terms there is no need to block and delete them if you don’t want to. Most platforms now let you mute somebody, so their content doesn’t pop up on your feed anymore. An easy way to remove the temptation to stalk them, without removing them completely.

Prioritise Other Relationships

Illustration by Audrey Chow

The best people to get you through a break up are your friends and family, so make the most of them. Go out for dinners, coffee or walks and spend some quality time with the people who will always be there for you. Enriching those relationships will help you to realise that romantic relationships aren’t the only priority.

Take Your Time With Dating

As tempting as it can be to redownload Tinder straight away, take your time figuring out if you’re ready. Whilst a quick rebound shag never hurt anybody, starting to seriously date again when you’re still going through the emotions of a breakup can take it’s toll. Starting out a new relationships while still grieving a previous one can leave you dating people you wouldn’t normally be interested in, or dating just to keep yourself busy and distracted. Not only is it not good for you, it’s not good for the people you are dating either. So be really honest with yourself and steer clear of serious dating until you’re ready.

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