How to Learn the Art of Sexting

by | May 26, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

Sexting is a lost art form. Let’s get it back.

Video calling is, no doubt, a great thing: working from home, connecting with faraway friends and family and so much more. However, it could also arguably have cost us the development of a key skill that we need as people: Sexting.

Sexting, for those who don’t know, is the exchange of sexual messages, images or video between two people (or multiple people, we don’t judge).

Most people don’t consider sexting to be an option unless it’s in a long distance relationship because “can’t we just see each other?” Yes, yes you can.

Sexting does the beautiful thing of adding spice to a relationship because you can still tease your partner (or partners, again not judging) even when you are not physically close to each other. You can also gear up a partner who may need more physical and mental preparation before having sex by putting them in that mood before you see each other.  

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So let’s learn how to do it right:


Always, ALWAYS get permission from everyone involved and let them know before you go ahead and sext. It is the right thing to do and it gets people more engaged in the act. Do this regardless of the situation, even in a long term relationship.

Be Safe

Online interactions are vulnerable – and not just when someone is looking over your shoulder or walking in while you are taking a nude. Use encrypted channels and messaging services. Archiving or hiding chats is a good idea too.

Start Slow

 two women kissing maybe they sexted before this?
It often starts with a kiss

Like anything new, you need to ease yourselves into it. You’ll make mistakes and cringe at first, so don’t go all out on your first time. Start small, take it slow and be patient.

Use familiar flirting

A good way to ease into sexting is using words, compliments or flirting you already use in real life. It makes it easier to quickly improve your flow and style. If you are with a new partner, ask what they like to be complimented on and try to incorporate that.

Be creative

When you’ve been eased into it a bit, try new things. Roleplay and themes can be fun and help spice up your relationship. Don’t be afraid to wax poetic in a text or flex your artsy side in a sexy picture.

Fulfil expectations

Sexting turned disappointment.

Know what you can and can’t do and don’t set yourself up by promising too much and not being able to follow it up when the time comes. Remember that you can use sexting as build up


It’s a lot of fun! Being flirty with someone you trust over messages or even sending a nice picture or two can help you grow closer. Sexting is for everyone and anyone to try out, and with these tips I hope you can have a good time doing it. Happy sexting!

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