Stick To Your Day Job, Please

by | May 26, 2023 | Out of the Closet

Not everyone can make it as a rapper

Soundcloud rappers and sporty dudes are undeniably a red flag on their own. You would know if you got with one or the other.

However, one Floozy managed to encounter a fusion of both in the wild. And, of course, gave us all the details about it:

“I hooked up with a GB athlete in his car and he struggled to get it in for a while…

“Anyway, after some effort we finished and it wasn’t that bad. Yet.”

Do you ever dream of the good old days where men would read you heart-wrenching poetry? If you answered yes, this should make it stop:

“He proceeded to play a rap beat instrumental on his car speakers and rap to me from his iPhone notes.

NGL, if you have to explain why something is funny, chances are – it really isn’t:

“It was a diss track about his friends. He kept pausing it in order to explain to me why it was funny. Never again.”

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Edited by Mmesoma Muogilim and Yoan Shterev

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