Why Use Lube?

by | May 26, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

Lube can be used to spice up any session, whether that be with a partner, or just on your lonesome.

Unfortunately lube has had a wrap of being something to use at the last resort, but we’re here to tell you that this is not true.

“I think for years, you think it’s this aid for a few who can’t get wet,” said Evie Plumb, founder of CliterallyTheBest. “But I would always say wetter is better because the more moisture down there, it heightens pleasure and everything just feels better. 

“There’s less chance of pain so it can be great for say, if you have endometriosis or painful sex. Equally, if you’re okay down there, it’s still great.”

Let’s be real. Sometimes just a little bit of wetness doesn’t do the trick. Lube can also reduce the chances of friction burn. 

“….wetter is better..”


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What kinds of lube are there?

The two main kinds of lube are oil and water-based. Each of them are great for different reasons; 

Oil based can be great for things like shower sex, or anal sex because it does not come off in water. However, these lube will break down both latex condoms and sex toys to make sure that you are safer with what you are doing.

Silicone based is also great for longer sessions, however these do tend to break down silicon toys also.

A good starting off point to safe use with toys and condoms for all kinds of sex would be water-based lube.

“Water-based is safe with latex and non latex, condoms and all kinds of toys,” said Evie.  “That’s why it’s the most popular. You haven’t got to worry about it.


Evie created her own water based lube because she has a lot of sensitivity or allergies to most of those on the market.

“I’ve just got very sensitive skin in general and then it’s super sensitive down there. 

“I was reading up on Aloe Vera and it’s super hydrating especially for people that maybe struggle with moisturising awareness problems and then also post menopause. 

She created her formula vegan with all natural ingredients for the most comfortable and sensitive experience.

“I wanted bases as natural as possible because otherwise, it’s just going to irritate me.

You can get your own CliterallyTheBest lube here.

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