Having Sex as a Person With ADHD

by | May 27, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

One Floozy’s experience of having sex with ADHD.

I have ADHD and to me, having sex can be very challenging. And let’s just say I’m not always in the mood for challenges. So, what is it like to have sex for me, you ask?

Well. Let’s just say I don’t fit inside what’s considered “normal” in the sex narrative. 

According to the Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine, a 2018 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine said “For women who generally had trouble reaching orgasm, the average time with a partner was 17 minutes. Those who reached orgasm easily took an average of 12 minutes during a partnered sex.”

Well, if 17 minutes is trouble… what am I?

It can take me an hour to have an orgasm and that’s on a lucky day. Lucky for my boyfriend I mean…

And I know what you must be thinking. Yes, it has been like that my whole life. With every single person I have ever had sex with. It’s quite frustrating (for both me and the other person), to be honest.

This is what’s in my head on an average sex “encounter”:

“This is nice… Did I remember to turn off the oven?… Ah, I probably did!… Or did I?… Oh fuck, I am not concentrated in this…”

*30 minutes of exactly the same conversation in my brain later*

“I feel horrible, I just can’t focus on this… He must be getting tired… He also must think he’s not doing it right… Oh no I don’t want him to think that! He really is giving me so much pleasure I just can’t seem to focus on it… For god’s sake Elena, FOCUS.”

Did you enjoy the sneak peak of my brain during intercourse? Yeah, me neither. Now imagine that but in every single situation that requires a minimum of concentration. 

Thank god for them pills.

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