No More Roses: Other Flowers to Say I Love You

by | May 27, 2023 | All about Love

A helpful guide on different flowers that show affection as much as roses do.

Flowers are one – if not the most, popular romantic gesture and have been for thousands of years. And although Roses are the most common out of all of them, there are other flowers arguably as beautiful – or even more than roses.

Flowers across different colours, species and shades can symbolise different kinds of love, like the pink peony that symbolises affection while most flowers in the shade of red symbolise passionate love.

If you are tired of giving or receiving roses from a partner, here are some recommendations from Floozy to switch things up.


The sunniest of the flowers, sunflowers are symbols of pure love and adoration. Perfect for someone who brightens up your world!

Plus, if your partner loves Harry Styles (as they should), they would love a bouquet of these!

“Sunflower, my eyes want you more than a melody.”


Carnations are very popular flowers that come in a variety of colours with various meanings.

The red versions generally symbolise love and affection, similar to red roses, and are fairly common and fragrant.

They are also pretty easy to maintain, you just need to water them once a week!

Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe blossfeldiana)

A cute name for a cute flower.

The Flaming Katy is a small flower native to Madagascar and symbolises eternal love and persistence because it blooms for about eight weeks and comes in various colours including pink, yellow and red.

They are also fairly low maintenance as they are need mostly sunlight and moist soil in warmer months.


Orchids come in various colours like purple, red and white.

The red ones commonly symbolise lust, love and sex; And the purple ones symbolise luxury and royalty.

They also often come in two tones with a white border colour or speckles. Moth orchids are the most common one and are pretty low maintenance too.


The peony is a lovely flower with a rich history as a medicine in ancient China.

Associated with love, passion, honour and respect, it generally symbolises compassion and good relationships.


Tulips are a popular choice for Mother’s day, but did you know that the most common meaning is a perfect and deep love?

The red ones especially are linked with eternal love and passion while the pink ones symbolise love and affection.

They are not only suitable to give your mum but other loved one’s as well. They are also known for being perfectly symmetrical and are edible too!


A symbol of secret love and joy, a perfect gift for a secret crush!

Plus, their wonderful smell will definitely help you win them over.

Now you’ve got a choice to make: Which of these flowers will you get for your loved one? We would love to know!

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