POV: You’re Caught Having Sex in a Tent in a Harbour by a Kid

by | May 27, 2023 | Out of the Closet

What could possibly go wrong with having sex in a tent?

It was a good, sunny day, and what’s better than going to a harbour with my boyfriend, setting up a tent and enjoying the warmth?

It was all fun and games while we watched the sunset by the ocean, ate our picnic and enjoyed the breeze.

Until we decided to hop on Netflix and watch something. Of course, you know what they say about ‘Netflix and Chill’ right? (Check out Floozy’s guide to Netflix and Chill here!)

It started with some cuddling, then some pecks on the cheek, and the situation escalated pretty quickly from there.

Soon enough we were on top of each other.

Were we worried about the noise we were making? Yes…but to be fair, we played music and the people around us didn’t seem to be any sort of bothered. They were not quiet either โ€” adults chatting, children running around and giggling.

Then, we heard a few kids rather loud and laughing around, and we could tell that they were pretty close to our tent. What did we do? Well of course we didn’t stop but we weren’t moaning or anything like that.

Then suddenly one of them said, “What’s that noise?” Shit.

We froze and neither of us dared to move.

The tent we had was pretty secure and private, as in you can’t see from the outside and the entrance has two zippers so we assumed the kids wouldn’t be that curious to make the effort to come in the tent.

The kids kept surrounding the tent. Bear in mind we were properly naked.

Our tent has one of those ‘windows’ that could be easily zipped down and you could see everything inside. One kid decided it would be fun to do so and slowly unzipped the ‘window’.

Me and my boyfriend quickly attempted to put on some clothes, and just as the kid had almost managed to zip it and expose us, just like in the movies, their parents pulled them away.

Well, that was close.

The lesson learnt is, yes having sex in public spaces can be fun and exciting with the fear of getting caught, but do think about actually preventing that from happening because you really don’t want to experience the fear of actually getting caught by a child.

Edited by Audrey Chow and Elena Baeza Ruso

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