Masturbation Myths and Why They Are Damaging

by | May 28, 2023 | Taking Care of You

Everything you need to know about masturbation.

Masturbation is something that you are never really taught about: most people just stumble upon it one day and figure it out for themselves.

Growing up it was something to never be spoken about, even with your closet friends. Even today it is still a hushed topic, which results in so many myths and misconceptions. We’ve rounded up some of the most common myths about masturbating and figures out why they are complete BS.

Myth 1 – Masturbation can make you go blind

This is probably the first misconception most of us hear about masturbation, and it is definitely the most random one. There is no way that masturbating too much or too little can make you go blind, or damage any other of your body parts for that matter. Not only is it untrue, it’s completely random – are eyes and genitals even connected?

Myth 2 – Masturbation doesn’t have health benefits

Good news – masturbating doesn’t just have one benefit, it has a whole host. From relieving stress and headaches to helping with insomnia, masturbation is natures medicine for a whole range of minor health problems. People with vulvas are in luck, as for them masturbation brings additional benefits, like helping with pain during sex and reducing vaginal dryness.

Myth 3 -Masturbation makes you enjoy sex less

Actually, the opposite is true. Masturbating can help you learn so much more about your body and what you like during sex. If you can communicate this to a partner, you’re more likely to have better sex and a lot more orgasms. A similar myth is that masturbating can make your clitoris or penis less sensitive, which again is completely untrue.

Myth 4 – People in relationships shouldn’t masturbate

There are no rules or regulations on masturbating – no matter your relationship status it is okay to masturbate. It may even be beneficial within a relationship for a variety of reasons. If you struggle with mismatched sex drives, the person with a higher sex drive might masturbate when they are in the mood but their partner isn’t. Masturbating together could also be helpful in figuring out what you both like in bed.

Why so many myths?

Why are there so many myths and misconceptions about masturbation? First of all it comes from a lack of education. Masturbation is never rarely taught or spoken about, so misconceptions are bound to come about. The issue is that with very few places to learn about masturbating, myths can spread like wildfire and quickly be viewed as fact.

The second reason is stigma and sexual shame. Masturbating is still very taboo, and a lot of people still view it as something to be ashamed of. As a result, myths come about in order to scare people out of masturbating. It’s gross and old fashioned, but unfortunately still very common. The best way to prevent it is to take away the stigma – talk about masturbation with your friends, the same way you would talk about sex and dating. Making it a common topic helps to eradicate the myths.

Edited by Imogen Bowlt

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