Safe Sex For Queer Couples

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Because of course sex education didn’t teach us about same sex couples.

Spoiler alert: Condoms aren’t just for heterosexual couples. Thanks to some pretty shitty sex education, you were probably never taught the importance of safe sex for queer couples.

But fear not, because here at Floozy we are all about advocating for safe sex and better sex education, so we’ve compiled your ultimate guide to safe sex for queer people.

Why is safe sex important?

I know what you’re thinking; the likelihood of getting pregnant from sleeping with someone of the same sex is slim. In fact, it would be a miracle if it did happen.

But STIs are a whole other ball game, and queer people are just as likely to get them as heterosexual people. You don’t have to have penetrative sex to catch STIs, so protecting yourself with new partners is so important.

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For People With Penises

If you have a penis and you are having sex with somebody who has a penis, condoms are your best friend.

Anal and oral sex can often be the spreaders of STIs, so if you’re participating in either of these activities with a new partner, you should be wearing condoms. We know that latex isn’t the greatest taste in the world, so you could try out flavoured condoms if you’re the one giving head.

Remember – there is never an excuse to not wear a condom. They come in a range of different sizes, and latex free options are always available.

For People With Vulvas

Going down on somebody with a vulva can also spread STIs, so it’s important to keep yourself safe.

You can use dental dams during oral sex to keep both partners safe. A dental dam is a thin sheet of latex which can be held between the vulva of the person receiving oral, and the mouth of the person performing oral. It acts as a barrier so that no bodily fluids are exchanged, but still allows the person receiving to feel everything.

Dental dams can be difficult to find in shops, so here is a guide on how to make on using a condom.

Sex Toys

Did you know that sex toys can also carry STIs? If you use the same toy with multiple partners, it is important to keep yourself safe.

The most important thing that you can do is to keep toys clean. Make sure to read the packaging of your toy to find the best way to clean it and the types of cleaners that work best with it.

Clean your toy after using it, and clean it again before you use it with another partner. Always make sure to store your toys in a clean, dry space.


An effective cleaning routine for your favorite s*x toy is as simple as determining what it’s made of, using the cleaning products, and making a habit out of it. A little TLC goes a long way toward maintaining healthy and longevity of your toys! 💕 Use gentle antibacterial soap to avoid irritations on skin contact. 🧼 jooux’s tip: Take a photo of your s*x toy’s cleaning instructions on the package before you throw it away! Take a photo of its material list. This will help you determine how you need to clean it!📸 Video description: A white queer person signing to the camera. Bee has short brown curly hair and a few facial piercings. Bee is wearing a floral buttoned-down shirt with a black vest. #JoouxCenter #Jooux #DeafSeggEd #DeafSegguality #DeafSeggualityEd #DeafSeggualityEducation #InformedDecisions #ForYourPage #ForYouPage #FYP #ASL #AmericanSignLanguage #Sign #SignLanguage #Signs #Interpreters #Interpreters #DeafEducation #DeafEd #CleanToys Transcript: Here’s the best way to clean your s*x toys: wash them with mild soap and warm water for twenty seconds just like you need to wash your hands for twenty seconds. Some people prefer to use a dishwasher. That’s ok for some toys! As long as they are: 100% waterproof, non-motorized, and non-porous. Such as glass toys. You can put this in a dishwasher!

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Some sex toy materials, such as latex and rubber, can be porous. This means that they contain microscopic holes, meaning that even after cleaning they may still carry bacteria. If this is the case for your toys, you could use additional protection to ensure that STIs can’t be transmitted.

For toys such as vibrators or dildos, you could place a condom over them before use.

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