My Boyfriend Has a Snapchat Streak With Another Girl

by | May 30, 2023 | Out of the Closet

Am I wrong for wanting to break my boyfriend´s Snapchat streak with another girl?

I need your help, Floozies! My boyfriend thinks it´s stupid and that I am overreacting about a streak.

Basically, I met my boyfriend at uni and even before we started dating, he had been Snapchatting with this girl – a friend from high school, for a very long time. 

So long, that they had a streak for longer than a year – I honestly cannot remember exactly how long, but I know it was long enough for him to be *emotionally attached* to it.

He said he didn´t want to break it because of the length of it but, by that logic, are you just going to be doing it until you die? Are you going to send Snapchats while your soon-to-be-wife is walking down the aisle, just to keep your streak up? 

I honestly don´t care that it´s not a “romantic” interaction, I find it disrespectful.

And after soooo many times of telling him and a year into our relationship, he finally broke it off – only because I basically begged him to.

To this day, he still reminds me of it and says it was “stupid” and that I wasn´t right to be mad. But honestly? That makes me even madder! 

I feel gaslighted into thinking I don´t have a reason to feel disrespected about it, and I want to know the Floozies’ opinions on this.

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