Sex Experts recommend Positions for Bad Knees

by | May 31, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

Floozy’s guide to getting it on with pain in your knees.

Not all of us have knees like Megan Thee Stallion. Some of us crackle, some of us pop and some of us are the entire Rice Krispies bowl.

It’s okay, you’re not alone. A lot of us have some kind of knee pain or joint troubles in our early 20s and even late teens.

Should that stop us from having good sex? Absolutely not!

Here at Floozy, we spoke to some sex experts and put together some top notch positions to get the best of your sexy time with minimal pain.

Dr. Martha Tara Lee, a Clinical Sexologist from Eros Coaching recommends:


How to do it: Lay on your bed and turn to the side. Your partner lays either behind you or in front of you facing the same direction.

Why it works: Laying on the bed is a good way to get pressure off the knees and still get freaky with your partner (or partners, no side eye here ;)).

Being horizontal while penetrating with a penis or sex toy is great for partners to get it on with care.

Note: it may be a bit hard to navigate at first so start slow.


How to do it: One person lays flat other back while another sits on their pelvic area with their legs on either side of the laying partner (straddling).

Why it works: “This position can be empowering and exciting, while being less stressful on the knees than positions that require kneeling.”

Rhiannon Jon, a sexologist at Bedbible suggests:

Lotus Position

How to do it: One person sits with knees raised and feet on the floor and the other person straddles them in the same position

Why it works: “The lotus position is also an excellent choice for those with knee issues.

By sitting facing each other with legs crossed, individuals can experience intimacy while minimizing strain on the knees.

It’s important to find a comfortable angle and provide mutual support to engage in pleasurable experiences without excessive pressure on the knees.”

Lilith Fox, a board certified sexologist and educator advises:

Sitting (on a chair on the edge of the bed)

How to do it: One partner sits on the edge of the bed, couch, or a chair while the other partner straddles them and faces towards or away from them to receive manual stimulation and/or penetration.The standing partner can also face away from the sitting partner and grind on them.

Why it works: “The sitting partner has an easier time on the knees, however the straddling partner may have some difficulties and their knee issues can be exacerbated by quick raising and lowering movements.”

You can also modify traditional sex positions like missionary by adding a pillow under the back of the laying partner and making similar accommodations to spice up your sex life, safely. Oral is also great option and is usually better for partners with vulvas.

Remember consent is key and always communicate with your partner so they know how best to accommodate your needs and finally have lots of fun!

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