How I Got A Vaginal Yeast Infection

by | May 31, 2023 | Taking Care of You

We never think its going to happen to us until it does.

You´ve probably heard about a yeast infection or may have had it before, but you may not know exactly what it is. If you want to know more about it and most importantly how to avoid it (when you can), keep reading!

According to Mayo Clinic, three out of four women get a yeast infection at some point in their lifetimes. 

What is a vaginal yeast infection?

A vaginal yeast infection, also called ‘Candidiasis’ or ‘Thrush’, is an infection caused by the fungus Candida. This fungus already lives in our organism  (don´t get alarmed). 

The vagina naturally contains a balanced amount of fungi and bacteria. The bacteria produce some acids that prevent the excessive growth of fungi, which maintain the balance in the vagina.

So, what happens when our bodies experience some changes or we do something to cause those changes in our intestinal flora? Well, that is when an imbalance is caused, and that´s usually when we will get a yeast infection.

According to the NHS, the symptoms can be:

  • white discharge with a cottage cheese appearance, which does not usually smell
  • Itching and irritation around the vagina and vulva 
  • Soreness and stinging during sex or when you pee
  • Redness

There are many ways that you can get a yeast infection, and unfortunately, for many of them, we can do little to nothing to avoid that like, for example when you are pregnant, under a lot of stress or on antibiotics.

The last one was part of the cause why I got mine.

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How I got a yeast infection

Now, why did I say you need to learn how to avoid it if the way you get it is not your fault in the first place? Well, sometimes it is. 

The main reason why I got Candidiasis is that, well… basically I was partying on an island, one thing led to another and I ended up having sex with my ex on the beach at 4 am. We then went to sleep by the shore, in our – very wet – swimming suits.

I had also been ill days before that – hence why I was on antibiotics.

The thing is, with only one of those things you can get a yeast infection, so imagine both at the same time!

Staying in a wet swimming suit for long- not necessarily for hours as I did – can, and most definitely will give you a yeast infection. 

Advice from the doctor

Tia Guster, M.D., an obstetrician and gynaecologist at Piedmont, told the organization that, “Bathing suits are the perfect breeding ground for yeast.

 “You have moisture in an intimate area that is warm and dark. These are the types of conditions where yeast and bacteria thrive.”

Be extra careful this summer, and change out of those bikinis as soon as you get out of the water! 

Remember: do not sleep in your wet swimming suits and most importantly, do NOT sleep with your ex. 

Edited by Imogen Bowlt

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