Sip and Strip: Red Wine and Sex

by | May 31, 2023 | Let's talk about Sex

Drink some wine and get ready to grind, cause I’m about to tell you the secret of red wine between the sheets.

We all know that alcohol has a very strong power when it comes to getting rid of our inhibitions and turning up the heat. Pass me some tequila shots and watch me black out and get with anyone with a pulse. Suddenly, my preferences in men become as fluid as the liquid gliding down my throat, and their hair colour isn’t a dealbreaker anymore. And trust me, that says a lot since I avoid blondes like they are some sexual disease.

But let me introduce you to something that takes it to a whole different level, to the point where all your boundaries get blurred and all your hidden desires get unleashed. Red wine, the elixir of seduction that makes you lose your clothes faster than you say cheers.

Me when I drink red wine

As you take that first sip, a wave of relaxation washes over you and suddenly you are stepping into the world of ‘Big Mouth’ where you’ve got your very own hormone monster whispering certain suggestions in your ear. From one glass to drinking the whole bottle, the red wine coursing through your veins suddenly slows down the smart and overthinking parts of your brain, while enhancing the other parts that deal with sex.

How can wine make us horny?

According to recent research, people who drink red wine regularly have an increased sex drive in comparison to people who don’t. Men who savour two glasses of red wine a day experience a boost in their testosterone levels, whereas for women, red wine amplifies blood flow to all the right places, igniting sensitivity and arousal to their erogenous zones.

This is all because of the common amines found in red wine such as histamine which boosts your libido. Think of it as a secret potion that could either ignite your desires or land you in a comprising situation with someone you’d never imagine being drawn to when sober.

So, loves, next time you want to increase your sex drive, take a sip of red wine and get ready for your erogenous zones to tingle with anticipation. Remember to drink responsibly and enjoy the pleasure that comes with it.

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