The Ick Chronicles: The Hilarious Hazards of Attraction

by | May 31, 2023 | All about Love

You gave me the ick, thank you, next!

Ever been so attracted to someone then they do something that makes you cringe the fuck out? Yeah me too, I’ve gotten so many icks that sometimes I wonder if I’m even attracted to men anymore. We’ve all experienced the ick at some point, whether from something completely justified like being rude to a waiter, or something totally irrational that will make your friends raise their eyebrows, like them being blonde.

What is an ick?

The ick is a term used to pin one small behaviour to something that will put you off your current or potential partner forever. It’s like a dealbreaker where you can go from a strong attraction for someone to a sudden feeling of disgust.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with the person who gave you the ick, in fact sometimes it helps you to get over them. It’s more like something that you are willing to put up with long term, whether mannerisms and behaviour or just something they do in their day to day life. Sort of like a beige flag.

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Sometimes it is instant, like, from the moment they open their mouth or the early stages of dating, but sometimes it could come in the later stages of your dating, usually after the honeymoon phase. You will know straight away if someone gave you the ick as it’s a quite hard feeling to get rid of.

But that’s completely fine because no one is always compatible. It’s your life at the end of the day, so if you don’t like something about them whilst dating, listen to your gut feeling and drop them.

If you are wondering what an ick looks like, I’ve asked the other floozies what their biggest icks are. Here’s what they said.

When they are talking in a baby voice – Absolutely not, please for the love of God don’t ever do that. We are not that close yet mate.

Bragging – It’s good to be proud of your achievements, but let other people speak as well. Not everything is about you.

If they vape – What u smoking mate? A strawberry fucking flamingo or whatever the fuck other flavours are out there. Please stop. Smoking is attractive-not that we support it- vaping is not, grow up.

When they show off they know how to play an instrument – Last thing you want is going back to someone’s place after a date and they start playing the fucking guitar or make you listen to the music they produced. Talking about a mood kill. Just got drier than a Gordons pink gin.

When they eat with their mouth open – What are you five?

When they have their hands in their pants – Roadman behaviour.

When the fake laugh – Faking it once in a while its okay, but faking it all the time is not. It’s irritating, especially if you have a hoarse voice. Let’s hear your real laugh. Let’s see who’s laughing then.

Mirror selfies – Sure, if you are 16 and just discovered Snapchat.

Not wearing socks with their shoes – Now, why would you do that? Just why?

When they wear skinny jeans – I know that y2k is in trend right now, but I really don’t want to see the shape of your legs, especially if you skipped leg day.

When they take pics during their entire holiday – It’s cute, it reminds me of my dad.

When they try too hard to dance – You look like a fake version of Magic Mike, please stop.

When they grab you around the waist even tho you are not that close – Please get your hands off me, you don’t have the facility for that big man.

So, loves, there you have it, some of our biggest icks.

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