I was Sexually Assaulted at a Premiere (TW/ SA)

by | Jun 1, 2023 | Out of the Closet

Yep, you read that right, I got sexually assaulted at the Money Heist Premiere.

On July 2019, my friends and I were on holiday in Madrid, and we were staying in a hotel in Gran Via with views of Callao Cinema. One of the most famous cinemas in Spain.

Anyways, it was around 4 pm and we just came back from the pool. I was so looking forward to my favourite part of the day: siesta time. When I was all cosy on the sofa already falling asleep, we heard this agitating, graving voice coming from the street. My (very noisy) friend was already looking through the window even before I had time to open my eyes. 

The premiere of the third season of Money Heist was happening right downstairs!

The second she told us what was happening out there, the rest of my friends were already out the door.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Hold up… but what about MY siesta? 

I was *literally* dragged out of the hotel room, half asleep, with no make-up, running down the stairs in wedges taller than stilts and trying to zip up my mini dress, the one I´d – very recently taken off to sleep my fucking siesta comfortably. I was NOT happy about that. And I didn´t even like that show! (I know… “It´s so good!” … Whatever.)

We got there and it was full of people. I mean, the number of people you would expect to be outside the red carpet of the third season of a very famous, critically acclaimed Netflix show. 

Don´t ask me how, but we arrived on the last row (obviously) and sooner than we knew it we ended up literally on the fence that separated the public from the actors on the red carpet. That was cool, ngl.

Do you know what wasn´t so cool? When some girls around me started mumbling that there was an older man going around “touching butts”. I was at the same time shocked and not at all. It just didn´t surprise me, like at all.

I was minding my own business, getting pictures and videos of the actors, especially of Jaime Lorente (Denver). I mean, can you blame me?

When I suddenly felt this touch on my freaking vagina. I was like… There is no way. There is no fucking way that just happened.

I just got sexually assaulted at a fucking premiere. Sadly, not for the first time.

I was wearing a short dress, and SO WHAT? No matter what I´m wearing, you have no fucking right to touch any part of my body without my consent, and even less my fucking pussy, like what the hell!? 

I told my friend – the only one who somehow managed to be in the first row with me, and she quickly went to find a security guard. 

It was not just me. He had been touching other women´s butts, as I had been told before he touched my reproductive organ. 

But even so, the security guards seemed to have little to no interest in what we were saying and didn´t do anything to help us.

We simply left the multitude feeling shocked, disappointed and angry. Emphasis on angry.

Edited by Ramona Gabriela Toderascu

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